Lowell Tucker

Lowell Tucker has over twenty five years of helicopter sales experience. A major helicopter manufacturer has employed Lowell Tucker as a salesman. Lowell Tucker Enterprises, Ltd. was established in 1999 for the sole purpose of assisting customers in the sales and acquisitions of helicopters.

Sales & Acquisitions

Lowell Tucker Enterprises, Ltd., Helicopter Brokerage, possesses a unique knowledge of helicopter marketing. Building upon the experience established through 33 years of helicopter sales the scope of business has expanded to an international basis. A massive international email database of individuals and organizations directly connected with the helicopter industry has been established to display helicopters for sale and search for helicopters required to fulfill customer requirements.


Lowell Tucker Enterprises, Ltd. is authorized agent for prominent leasing firms. We have the ability to acquire new or pre-owned aircraft depending upon the customer's requirement. We have the ability to custom configure the aircraft to the customer's mission requirements. We have the ability to place aircraft on an international basis.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Lowell Tucker Enterprises, Ltd. contracts with professional associates with highly qualified maintenance backgrounds for accomplishing pre-purchase inspections for new and existing customers. These inspections can be accomplished on a relative short notice and available on an international basis.

Lowell Tucker Enterprises, Ltd. understands you have the opportunity to choose from the many helicopter sales organizations when you are selling or acquiring a helicopter we ask you remember Lowell Tucker Enterprises, Ltd.